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Based in Den Bosch, Netherlands

Release date:
9 May, 2018



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VR Darts is a virtual reality e-sports game for darts enthusiasts focused on realism. Play darts local against AI or your own best performance. Play darts against your friends or against darters all over the world using online multiplayer. Improve your throwing skills using our Training board or by a practise session (finishing or any game type). Compare yourself with others by ranking on our global leaderboards for rating (ELO based), 3 dart average, out percentage or number of darts thrown.


As a darts enthousiast, Martijn really wanted to enable and unite players around the world to enjoy playing this great game with eachother.


  • 3 Dart Game Types ... 501, 301, Around The Clock
  • 2 Great Dart Locations ... to immerse yourself in
  • Training & Practise Modes ... to improve your darting skill
  • Dart Physics Behavior Configuration ... that personalizes your throwing experience
  • Online Multiplay ... to play against darters from all over the world
  • 60+ Achievements ... for you to unlock
  • Global Leaderboards ... to compete with others
  • The Caller ... will call your throws, special achievements and numbers


VRDarts trailer YouTube


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VR Darts
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About Hypersome Games

We are a small independent games company based in the Netherlands. Run by two passionate game developers with both 20+ years of game dev experience.

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VR Darts Credits

Martijn Segers
Project Lead, Developer, Networking

Dennis van Haazel
Developer, Audio Visuals

Charles Willouby
Voice Actor (Caller)

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